The Gear Archive

The following page provides links to some of the photo gear I currently use or have used in the past. The details, where still available, are generally copies the manufacturers original documentation and if possible I’ve included manufacturers press pictures.  For the really old and discontinued models I’ve compiled details from whatever I could find online. Likewise with the PDF manuals, I’ve provided links where possible. I’ve toyed with hosting downloadable versions but I’m not sure whether I’d get into trouble for breach of copyright, although if they are discontinued models then anybody could hardly complain.

I’ve partly done this for my own personal reasons to preserve some historic information. Digital cameras have a relatively short life span with few lasting more than 18-24 months before they are superseded. When selling some old equipment (and some not so old!) on eBay I sometimes found it quite hard to find out the original specifications of discontinued models. Canon only seem to keep press release packages available online for last 3 years or so, and I guess other manufacturers do similar. I now maintain a policy of downloading the press information and manufacturers information on any new camera or piece of photo gear. Not all the lists are live yet but I hope to add further details in the future. Where possible I’ve added my own mini-reviews, and links to in-depth reviews if available. If you’d like to see more drop me a line.

DSLR Cameras



 Tripod Heads

Camera Bags


  • Hitech filter system Aluminium Filter holder
  • Hitech P-size Neutral Density Grads (Soft & Hard)
  • Acratech Universal L-bracket
  • Acratech Nodal Rail (for panoramas)
  • Lee Filter Holder System
  • Lee Hard & Soft Neutral Density Grads
  • Lee Big Stopper 10-sdtop ND
  • Canon EX-580 E-TTL Flash
  • Canon EX-270 E-TTL Flash MII
  • Singh-Ray Gold-N-Blue Polarizer, 77mm
  • Singh-Ray Vari-ND Filter, 77mm


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