• Lejardin

    No, Adobe does NOT make ANY “terrific products”. Possibly you meant “terrible products”? Or maybe “horrific products.” To wit, the modern Windows interface has *thoroughly* *globally* defined standardACs: e.g., Ctrl-C is copy; Ctrl-S is Save; ESC dismisses a dialog box; etc. ad nauseam. Adobe respects none of these and peppers their products with their own goofy counterintuitive shortcuts and hotkeys. A standard working interface that gracefully handles out of memory errors, for example, is beyond them. Adobe Reader is a joke. Nothing but ads and crappy memory management, materialized as broken pages and corrupted fonts. And now, if you want Acrobat, you need to pay eternal licensing. Eff ’em, I’m done with Adobe.

    July 05, 2023
  • Frank

    I get the same activation error that you describe and have found nothing that fixes it permanently. Doing the following will give you temporary use of Acrobat Pro 8. Repeat as needed.

    Rename the following folder. (e.g. FLEXnetOLD) This will give you the ability to undo this fix, just in case. Make sure Acrobat is closed and no other Adobe products are running or you will be blocked.


    When you next start Acrobat, the program will recreate the FLEXnet folder and the two files in it. The effect of this is to reset the activation clock for 30 days. In the future just delete the FLEXnet folder to reset, as needed. I keep a shortcut to the folder on my desktop to make it even simpler.

    Adobe products are great but dealing with the company is frustrating and useless. Very much like Intuit in that regard. Good Luck!

    November 17, 2015

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