• Eileen Murray

    I, for one, actually have a legit copy of CS5. I know I am in the minority but, because I got it through Education, I got a good deal. I wonder if Adobe will give concessions in the future?

    I can’t see that I will want to update any time soon as everything I want to do is on CS5. The problem will come if I want to update my camera and need the Camera Raw download.

    What Adobe is doing is not good for the ordinary person in the street but, if you are a company, it will be OK because I am sure the expense can be offset by the Tax Man!!!

    Bring on the Pirates!!!!!!

    May 14, 2013
    • Hi Eileen, seems like the Pirates didn’t take long to crack Photoshop CC, read this:
      ACR will pose a problem if you update your Camera, but you could always download Abobe’s free DNG converter and import DNG files. Not ideal but it would work. I’m just hoping they keep Lightroom cloud free but can’t help thinking it will eventually suffere the same fate.

      June 26, 2013

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