• Daniel Fascia

    I have to agree, that you cannot just compare mac spec to PC spec, there’s a lot more going on…

    Apple have perfect version control over their hardware selection, so you can guarantee it all works synergistically together – none of this graphics card chopping and changing. The dual screen support is legendary, and has been there for years. Even a modest spec Apple can churn through raws off the newest cameras.

    I work with a Macbook Air 11″ (max spec) as my main computer. It handles 100Mpix images in Aperture in near realtime and I just plug it into monitors and use it in clamshell mode as a desktop with bluetooth peripherals.

    I used to use Windows, but they lost it long ago and are nowhere near the path to recovery yet

    April 07, 2013
  • Great blog as always, John. Well written and interesting. I well remember the wasted years I battled with PC’s telling myself they were the business and how much cheaper than Macs they were.

    What I didn’t factor in was how much of my life (at x pounds per hour) I spent fixing the things, upgrading them, running scans, defragging and generally nursing them along because of all the hard and software design flaws and conflicts that abound.

    It all changed for me when I opened my iPad box. Within a few minutes I was in love with the design, the simplicity and flawless way it worked. It did what I wanted the way I wanted. I decided then to get the 27 inch iMac and abandon PC’s for good. I have never looked back.

    They are not upgradable (apart from RAM and maybe a hard drive upgrade) because they don’t need to be. They are fast, smooth and efficient. They don’t need constant “windows updates” (read “disaster recovery fixes”) and all the software communicates with each other and other Apple devices seamlessly. The Timemachine backup is so simple and flawless. And you actually get to get some work done. They pay you back the premium price many times over.

    Oh, and they look gorgeous.

    So I urge you and your readers to abandon PC’s and join the growing band of Mac users. Why is it you never hear of any one leaving Apple Macs and moving to Windows based PC’s? Because once you have got some work done without stress you realise how wonderful Mac World is 🙂

    C’mon John. You know you want to. Have a crummy old laptop for work stuff and enjoy your photography world on a Mac. I promise you will never regret it.

    Did I mention they are gorgeous to look at too? 🙂

    February 14, 2013

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