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    August 17, 2013
  • Allan Short

    Hi John, sorry to hear about the Lee, when I ordered mine I ordered one from a web store I use in the US, and another one from the Canadian distrubutor, to see who would get me one first. Thinking I would flip the extra one to pay for both at the rate a camera store charges. It was then that I thought, if I have to wait that long, if I break it, oh well better to keep it just in case. If I destory or lose one, I only have to wait about 6-8 months for a new backup to arrive. Still enjoying your Iceland images and others that you have posted. Cheers: Allan

    November 01, 2012
    • Likewise Allan, I also ordered one from a major retailer. Even after the quick delivery from Teamwork, I decided to leave the order open as the Big Stoppers are rather fragile and after the above escapade I think it’s worth having a reserve. Rather surprisingly the second Big Stopper arrived last week even though the outlet had quoted 20 weeks. Now I have 2! Thanks for the kind comments on my Iceland Gallery … what a place!

      November 03, 2012

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