• John Birch

    Hi Stuart. I use the Eclipse E2 and sensor swabs from Photographic Solutions which are even more expensive here in the UK. It's not recommended to re-use them just incase you get some hard dust particle on the swab which could (in theory) scratch the sensor. It's probably highly unlikely that would happen, but I'd rather not risk it. I use a Giottos Rocket blower most of the time then swabs for stubborn spots. Don't waste money on the sensor brushes as they just spread the dirt around, and the dust aid sticky pads leave residues.

    September 20, 2010
  • Stewart Dean

    I take it you're using Eclipse E2? What are you using for swabs. $40 for 12 seen one place takes my breath away, but maybe that's what it takes? Do you reuse the swab?

    September 20, 2010
  • John Birch

    Hi Bob,thanks for your comments. I didn't specifically adjust the exposure to increase the colour saturation, but to try and compensate and reduce the burn-out within the light beams. You're always going to get burnout where the beam hits the canyon floor, but I found the best shots were where I could avoid burnout within the beam. Some beams are narrow, but some are quite wide and require creater compensation. Also vary when you take the shot. It's brighter when there's more sand (refected) in the beam, which grows fainter as the sand falls. I shot all on auto-white balance and found that I've adjusted most of them slightly in Lightroom. Some not at all. The walls, if under exposed can come out purple in the shadows, so I warmed them up, but not by much. Reading my review I wished I'd tried some wider apertures as perhaps I didn't need that much depth of field in some of the place. However, it's quite chaotic, time goes pretty fast, and you don't get that many chances to experiemnt. It's great fun however, and I'd love to try it again somneday. Good luck with your trip.

    March 29, 2010
  • Bob

    Dear John,
    I was looking for information on shooting Antelope Canyon with a 5D Mk II and you came up. Love your pictures and appreciate your article. It answered all of the questions I had except white balance. I can adjust this in photoshop but was wondering if you had any comments in this regard. Also I particularly like the darker reds in the pictures I have seen and I am gathering from your aticle that underexposure helps to bring out these colors. Did you under expose to get that effect in-camera or did you work on it in Lightroom? Or have I missed something?

    We are going to Antelope in late September and booked a photographic tour with Chief Tosie. I will call them and ask for the man you recommended. Thanks for the heads up.

    Thank you for your article. It was perfect!
    Bob Hart
    Santa Rosa, CA

    March 29, 2010
  • John Birch

    Hi Kevin, thanks for the comments. The sensor cleaning was another function high up on my list when I upgraded. I'd worked a lot in the Middle East and found sensor dust a terrible problem. So bad in fact I eventually gave up ever changing lenses out doors. However, the sensor cleaning on the mark-II is rather ineffectual, it helps a little I'm sure, but I still find I'm having to use a sensor swab after every few lens changes. The more exposures you take the greater the static charge that builds up on the sensor and the less effective the auto cleaning becomes. Using a swap with Eclipse fluid dissipates the static charge as well as cleaning your sensor. I tried one of the Visible Dust Artic Butterfly brushes too, but found them a bit of a waste of money. They rely on static charge to the brush, but if your sensor is also charged the brush becomes ineffectual. Swabs with fluid remove the static build-up from your sensor and in my opinion are the best method for sensor cleaning. Just watch out for the occasional smear.

    February 11, 2010
  • kevin marston

    Yes I agree. An excellent review John and I share your frustrations with the points you mention, especially the user setting shortcomings. It almost makes you wonder if the people who design cameras at Canon actually take many pictures! If they did, they would surely correct these faults. Having said that, I have been in possession of a Mk. 2 for 2 months now, as an upgrade from the Mk. 1, and I have been so much more comfortable with it and very pleased with the images taken with it. Live View is worth a third of the asking price alone. How effective do you find the sensor cleaning function?
    Many thanks again. Kevin Marston

    February 10, 2010
  • Doug Chinnery

    Thanks John for about the best, most unbiased and accurate review of the 5d mk2 from a real world user I have seen. Most users I have spoken to rave about the mk2 (and as you highlight, there is much to rave about) but they remain strangely silent about its faults. I am considering adding the 5d mk2 to my kit and your review has done nothing to dissuade me -in fact I feel happier knowing its shortcomings. I hope you don't mind but I am going to mention your post (and excelelnt blog) on mine as I feel it is a really useful resource.

    February 04, 2010

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