6D vs 5D Mark III Comparison on ePHOTOzine

How does the 6D compare to the 5D Mark-III?

Canon 6D vs 5D Mark III Comparison at ePHOTOzineWell, if you want to find out, ePHOTOzine has just published a rather interesting comparison between the Canon full-frame DSLR’s, the Canon EOS 5D mark-III, and the recently released EOS 6D. Back in September 2012 I suggested that the 6D may have been pitched by Canon to take on the mantle previously held by the 5D, with the latter moving up market. This review seems to suggest the same, with the 6D’s features and pricing offering a very tempting package for 5D and even 5D mark-II owners looking to upgrade. The review suggests that the higher ISO results from the 6D actually out perform those of 5D-III due to the slightly smaller sensor, although I find their presentation of this a little confusing. It’s not clear whether the test shots are shot in jpeg mode or are a jpeg conversion from the original RAW. Certainly worth a read though, which you can find here.

Will the 6D tempt potential 5D mark-III buyers?

The 6D is surely going to be a best seller for Canon, offering almost all the features of a 5D-III, yet with the addition of built-in WiFi and GPS but at a significantly lower price. I was also interested to read that the 6D also provides almost the same type of weather sealing as the 5D-III, which if true, would make this a very tempting second body for a 5D mark-III owner like myself. However, not all the built quality can match as you can find out from the rather tounge-in-cheek, but excellent, video comparison from DigitalRev below. Personally I think the 6D is going to be a bit hit for Canon and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t out sell the 5D mark-III this year.

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    I’ve just had comfimation that the noise comparison images ePHOTOzine present are shot in jpeg mode and are NOT jpeg conversions of the RAW files. I’ve notice most camera reviews tend to do this so be beware. I would image the many readers may be mislead by this and would of course be far more interested in seeing the noise levels in the RAW files. The jpeg files will of course, have been subjected to some pretty heavy in-camera noise removal by Canon.

    February 14, 2013

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