My Photography
I have held an interest in photography since my university days, but have made my career as professional geologist within the oil industry. My pursuit of photography has tendered to loiter in the background to some degree, and my enthusiasm has waxed and waned through time. My abilities early on, shooting film and slide did not really progress beyond the keen amateur snapper, documenting my travels around the globe. However, the emergence of the digital photography age thoroughly rekindled my interest in the photographic genre and has opened up opportunities to further my creative skills to the point that I have now become quite passionate about my photography. Long may it continue.
Working as a geologist can involve a great deal of travel, often to quite remote and dramatic parts of the world, so it’s unsurprising that landscape photography has become my passion. I can think of nothing better than to be alone in some wild remote location, observing the emergence of the pre-dawn glow, and witness the first rays of golden light that can transform natures finest creations into something even more resplendent right before your very eyes. The last few years have provided opportunities to work in Africa and opened my eyes and lens to the joys and awe of photographing wildlife within their natural habitats, how nature meant them to be.

The Joys of Landscape

Photographing the great American wilderness has become almost an obsession for me, sadly one I can seldom fulfil, but not much comes close to the awe of standing on the edge of a canyon, in the middle of nowhere, alone, watching those first rays light up the landscape My USA Gallery»

The Magic of Monochrome

Since first seeing my first sepia image of life in old Whitby by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe as a boy, to the majestic photography late great Ansel Adams, black and white photography has never failed to fascinate me. My B&W Gallery»

The Wonder of Wildlife

To witness wildife in it's natural habitat and capture that unique experience through the lens is something I'll never cease to be amazed by. I've been lucky enough to do just that whllst working in East Africa See my Wildlife Galley»
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