• Doug Chinnery

    Another fine and useful blog John (just put a twitter link up to your blog on the Mormon Barns – what a stunning shoot you had. Any advice on where I can buy one of these gold/blue jobbies to have a play with?

    September 12, 2011
  • John Birch


    Mine is from Singh-Ray. I've never seen the Cokin version. To use the Singh-ray with the Lee filter kit you need to attach the gold-n-blue polarizer first then attach your Lee adaptor ring (mine's the wide angle adapter). I generally rotate the polarizer to suite first, then clip on the Lee holder and add my grads. It's a bit fiddly but works. The Singh-ray is a pretty chunky filter and will protrude at least another 8mm from the front of your lens. If used with a primes you're going to get vignetting so will have to crop. I tend to use with zooms so you can zoon past the vignetted area. The first two shots above were taken with a 16-35mm, zoomed to 20mm. Hope this helps.



    September 16, 2010
  • Jens

    Hi John,

    I'm really interested in this filter. Is yours from Singh-Ray? I've got a Lee System and also a Big Stopper, but my question is, how can you use those filters toghether? This Singh-Ray Blue Polarizer has a Cokin P-Mount, but the ND Lee Filters have are similar to a Cokin Z-Pro Mount?!
    Thank you for your answer.. 🙂
    Nice shots – by the way!

    Greets from Switzerland.

    September 16, 2010

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