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  • Doug Chinnery

    I would love to see (in addition to your suggestions with which I concur);
    1. ISO going very low ISO4 would be nice to do long exposures without ND filters
    2. I would like an eyepiece cover like the 1dsmk's 2 and 3 – the rubber thing they put on the strap is a joke.
    3. an even bigger rear screen
    4. Change the ISO with a wheel, not a menu item
    5. Built in remote flash trigger
    6. I would like to be able to see the counter for bulb exposures on the rear screen – when on a tripod in the dark I can't see it on the top LCD
    7. I would like the top and rear LCD's to be illuminated during shooting as an option in very low light
    8. Why are we limited to a 30 second automatic exposure – surely it is just a firmware upgrade to enable us to dial in an exposure of any length?
    9. It would be great if the histogram was displayed dynamically during long exposures so the screen shows the histogram 'developing' as the image is being made – then we could close the shutter just before the histogram hits the right edge of the graph.
    10. stopping now as this list is getting long and could get very long indeed – like giving the camera the ability to switch on infrared shooting…

    September 27, 2010

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