How Long Should My PC Last?

How long should I expext my Photo PC to Last?

Desktop PC in NZXT tower caseOn the 10th January 2013 my Windows Desktop PC reached it’s 5 year anniversary and what was once considered state of the art is now indubitably antiquarian in the computing world. Once able to whiz through Windows at a relatively lively pace, it plods like the PC-pensioner that it has become. It bears little resemblance to the original specifications when first acquired, as I’ve added, replaced and pushed this mysterious black box to the limit, just to cope with my burgeoning library of ever-more-processor-demanding software and an image library that now stretches well over 2 terabytes. To be honest, it’s really struggled through the last couple of years, with a seemingly endless number of failures including several hard drives, the DVD drive, RAM chips, and some odd boot up and BIOS problems to name but a few. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had the PC out from under my desk and the side panels off, but I bet it must be pretty close to a hundred times by now. It’s now got to the stage that when I switch on my PC in the morning, I may as well go and have a cup of tea, because like me, it takes quite a while to wake up and get ready for work.

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Lightroom 4.3 Released by Adobe

Lightroom 4.3 Available for Download

Lightroom 4.3Lightroom4.jpg

Today Adobe have announced their 3rd update to Lightroom 4. Version 4.3 of Lightroom is to provide additional camera raw and lens profile support and correct a number of bugs that were introduced in previous releases. Lightroom 4.3 also provides support for the new Retina display on the Apple Macbook Pro.

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A New Magazine from Craft&Vision

I felt a tad reluctant to write another post about Craft & Vision so soon but this is worthy of a mention. They have announced a quarterly magazine called Photograph and Issue One is available for purchase from their website now. It’s a little different from you’d normally expect from a magazine as it’s purely a PDF download and without any advertisements. If you’ve previously bought any of the Craft&Vision eBooks before then you’ll be in familiar territory as it continues pretty much in the same contemporary and classy style.

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Essential Development – 20 Great Techniques for Lightroom 4

New Book from Craft & Vision

There is a new eBook offering from Craft & Vision entitled Essential Development – 20 Great Techniques for Lightroom 4. It’s also by a new author to the Craft & Vision stable, Seán McCormack, who many may recognise from the Adobe Lightroom forums and for his regular Lightroom Blog at Pixeq. Seán has been involved with Lightroom since the early beta versions where his forum activity of attracted the attention of Adobe. He was subsequently invited to become a Lightroom beta tester and has been involved with all Lightroom editions since. Thus he has a well established pedigree as an authority on Lightroom.

I’ve been an avid Lightroom user since those early beta versions too, having migrated from the original Rawshooter program by Pixmatic (where Adobe acquired the original Raw processing software). In that respect 

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Lightroom 4.2 Update Released

Adobe Lightroom Update

Adobe Labs have just released Version 4.2 of Lightroom, their popular digital photography software. This provides additional camera raw support for over 20 new cameras, a plethera of new lens profiles and fixes for a whole host of bugs introduced in previous releases of Lightroom. One new feature is support for the Adobe Revel Cloud based image service, but you’ll need a sunscription to make use of this.

It seems Adobe have taken notice of the feedback from the onlne Lightroom comunity with many of the requests and bug notifications from users addressed within this release. Of particular note for me (and one that I complained about) is

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Adobe Release Lightroom 4.1 but Disappointment for Flickr Users


Adobe have released an update to Adobe Lightroom with version 4.1 available for download which is free to registered users. Version 4.1 brings support to several new cameras (notably the Canon 5D MIII, 1DX, and Nikon’s D4, D800 & D800E), some bug fixes, new lens profiles, and rather surprisingly, some new features too. This was not dissimilar to the release of Lightroom 3.1 which also added new features, presumably some which were still incomplete at the time of the official release but which the team wanted including. New features include the ability to process 24 and 32 HDR files, save photobooks as JPEGs, and publishing via Adobe Revel.

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Free Lightroom 4 Beta Video


If you thought yesterdays post of Lightroom 4  beta resources wasn’t enough to get you started, well here’s another one for you. It’s another video, or rather a collection of videos over at the well known online training library at I’m not a member or subscriber but this video is 1 hour 50 minutes of a Lightroom 4 Beta Overview from Chris Orwig and it’s free.

It’s split into many short segments each covering a specific top of LR4 beta so is a very useful resource. I haven’t watched it all yet but found the section soft proofing and books very useful. You can find the videos listed here.

Lightroom 4 Public Beta – Online Resources


It’s been just over 24 hours since the release of Lightroom 4 Beta and already there are a multitude of reviews, resources, discussions, tips and video’s online already. If you are an existing Lightroom user and haven’t downloaded your FREE copy of LR4 beta, you can do so now from Adobe web site here.

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Lightroom 4 Beta Available for Download.


Adobe Release Lightroom 4 Beta

Well it’s here, Adobe have today released the beta version of Lightroom 4 Beta and it’s available to download from their web site here. I haven’t had much of a chance to play with it so far, but the big new features seem to be Video support (which is not really of much interest to me, but no doubt very commercial), GPS support, new shadow and highlight controls, additional local adjustment controls and the much requested soft-proofing. Adobe’s summary of the new Lightroom headline features is as follows:

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Star Rating Your Photographs

Lightroom Star RatingsI recently returned from a once-in-a-lifetime photographic trip to the Antarctic Peninsular where I shot almost 7,500 frames in under 6 days. A phenomenal number of frames by anyone’s standard, but as a member of a 73 strong group of photographers my frame count was probably on the low side, and probably very low compared to some I saw. At the end of our trip, during one of the lectures from one the lead photographers and organisers, we we asked to raise our hands if we had captured any 5-star images.

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