Video Review: Advanced Guide to Lightroom 5

Luminous Landscape – Advanced Guide to Lightroom 5

LuLa Advance Guide to Lightroom 5A new set of videos have been released by Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe providing an advance guide to the new features within Lightroom 5. Many will be familiar with previous releases from the duo which have covered every Lightroom version from LR1 beta onwards. These have proved a popular resource for those hoping to gain a deeper insight to the workings of Adobe Lightroom. This release is slightly different from the rest and a clue is in the title. It’s purely an advanced guide, so not aimed at beginners, and only covers the additions made to Lightroom in version 5, so does not, as in previous releases, include the entire package. 

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Lightroom Tip: Auto Adjust Individual Tone Sliders

Making Auto Adjustments to Basic Panel Tone Controls in Lightroom 4

Adobe Lightroom 4 LogoI came across this little know Lightroom feature yesterday when preparing a tutorial for my local camera club. However it may only be of any significance if you regularly use the Auto button in the Tone section of the Basic panel of the Develop Module. For those who aren’t  familiar with the Auto Tone button clicking it enables Lightroom to automatically adjust Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, and set the Black and White points.

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Star Rating Your Photographs

Lightroom Star RatingsI recently returned from a once-in-a-lifetime photographic trip to the Antarctic Peninsular where I shot almost 7,500 frames in under 6 days. A phenomenal number of frames by anyone’s standard, but as a member of a 73 strong group of photographers my frame count was probably on the low side, and probably very low compared to some I saw. At the end of our trip, during one of the lectures from one the lead photographers and organisers, we we asked to raise our hands if we had captured any 5-star images.

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Lightroom Tip – Panel End Mark Star Ratings

Make Use of Your Own Panel End Marks in Lightroom

I can’t remember where I saw this simple, and very effective tip, but it’s one I’ve found particularly useful so I like to present my particular take here.

I’ve must admit I’ve always found the Panel End Mark displayed at the bottom of each panel rather odd. They seem rather superfluous and in total contrast to the sleek streamlined interface displayed elsewhere throughout Lightroom.

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