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Pictures published in DSLR Photography Magazine


It’s good to see some of your own pictures in print. If you’ve bought a copy of the July 2014 issue of  Digital DSLR photography magazine here in the UK, you’ll see some of mine. There’s a special travel supplement included with this issue and a few of my pictures were chosen to accompany the articles inside. You’ll even find a few words from yours truly, abeit a tad brief. It’s a great supplement with some great advice if travel photography is your bag. The cover has a simply stunning portait of a youg girl by Brett Harkness.

The pictures published are show below.

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The Rise of the eBook

From real books to eBooks

From real books to eBooks

If you’re not familiar with the term eBook than you must have been on another planet or stranded on a desert island for some considerable time. eBooks seem to have taken the publishing world (is that even the right term now?) by storm. From the Amazon Kindle to the Apple iPad, the world of books and publishing has now changed beyond recognition.  Love’em or hate’m eBooks are here to stay.

EBooks aren’t really anything radically new, as the hypertext editing system and electronic documents have been in existence since the 1960’s but didn’t proliferate until the birth of the world wide web and then not in the form that we know now. Even electronic book readers have been around since 1998, but these early devices failed to capture the imagination on an unsuspecting public. It wasn’t until 2009 when Amazon released their first Kindle and the Sony e-reader emerged that eBooks seemed to provide a serious alternative to the paper varieties.

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