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I felt a tad reluctant to write another post about Craft & Vision so soon but this is worthy of a mention. They have announced a quarterly magazine called Photograph and Issue One is available for purchase from their website now. It’s a little different from you’d normally expect from a magazine as it’s purely a PDF download and without any advertisements. If you’ve previously bought any of the Craft&Vision eBooks before then you’ll be in familiar territory as it continues pretty much in the same contemporary and classy style. The difference is that it contains many shorter articles from photographers with in the Craft&Vision stable but also features some equipment reviews and photographer portfolios.

Issue one features interviews and portfolios of Iceland pictures from Scottish Photographer Bruce Perry, a Burma and Hokkaido portfolio from Art Wolfe and pictures of Acadia and New England from Nate Parker, as well as articles from David duChemin, Andrew Gibson, Nicole S. Young, John Paul Caponigro, Martin Bailey, Al Smith, Jay Goodrich, Piet Van den Eynde, Younes Bounhar, Kevin Clark, and Chris Orwig. There are some brief gear reviews too including the Fotopro C51 Alu-Mag Professional Tripod, a prototype L-bracket from Vanderven, Radiopoppers PX Flash triggers and some  Maha Powerex AA recharcheable batteries.

First Impressions

I’m not going to do a full review as I still haven’t finished reading my issue but will direct you to one here at the www.pixiq.com website. I will comment however, and first impressions are pretty good with seemingly a lot on offer. I particularly liked the portfolio sections, and it’s really nice to see a good selection of images included from each photographer rather than the paltry 2 or 3 you see in other periodicals, but I would have liked to see longer and more in-depth interviews. The equipment reviews are disappointing too, and I fear they will have to be far more detailed and practical to compete with the current photo journals. It’s is however, just issue 1, so hopefully we will see further development next time around.

Priced at US $8.00 and with 133 pages it compares well to current UK monthly photography periodicals. You can currently subscribe for all four issues for just $24.0 until the end of November.




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