Yet Another Microsoft Blunder .. IE9

Browser Upgrade?

I’ve vented my frustration at Microsoft’s upgrades in the past and I should have know better but a couple of days ago I fell into the “Critical Update” bucket and before I realised what I’d done Windows 7 had launched itself into an upgrade of Internet Explorer from version 8 to to 9. I did think about halting it in mid installation, but rather stupidly thought I could simply uninstall it later if I don’t like. What a fool!

IE9XYes, good old Microsoft have done it again, F****d with the user interface yet again. Pardon for the expletives, but I am really that angry, one for me being so stupid to think it might actually be better, and two, for Microsoft for being so bloody arrogant and changing the interface we’ve gotten used to yet again. I still can’t get over the dreadful ribbon interface implementation in office 2007 and not having the choice.

Microsoft say it’s been designed with a ‘clean’ interface to let the web shine, duh!  Where have my bloody menu’s gone, why have they suddenly switched the favourites from the left to the right side, and putting the page tabs on the same line as the address bar is just plain ugly. What’s happen to those basic rules of a good GUI, that you keep things consistent for the user, not make every program look different. The tabs within the favourites folder still retain the nice rounded corners that reflect the Windows 7 look, yet the new page tabs next to the address bad are square and ugly and just don’t seem to fit. It makes you wonder just who at MS designs these; obviously a different bunch of Muppets from the last time..

Just Google and see how many hits you get of people trying to find out how to get their IE menu bar back and move the favourites folder back to the left side. And they have too, since you’ll not find it out from Microsoft or from within EI9. Sorry Microsoft but that’s diabolical. I had to download a registry patch to get my menu bar back.

However, the most frustrating thing so far of IE9 is when you down load a file. It has now copied the rather restrictive idea from Apple that everything is now downloaded to a ‘downloads’ folder by default. Gone is the standard download dialog box which has been a replaced by a more awkward-to-use notification bar which just doesn’t seem to fit with the normal windows GUI. Sorry MS but I want to specify where my files are saved at download time, not later. Sure you can ‘Save As’ to a folder of your choice, but that now takes several more mouse clicks, and then you don’t have the option to open up the folder or run the file when the download is completed, you’ll have to open up explorer and navigate to the file .. bonkers. If your download is an EXE file you have jump through several more hoops to be allowed to run it. Come on MS, why on earth make things more difficult?

No matter how many improvements may be built under the hood in the new IE9, altering the user interface without giving the user the option of retaining their old familiar interface is simply unforgivable.

Now if anybody knows where I can still get a copy of IE8 please, please. please, send me the link!

Update … Several days Later

I have had a few more days to play around with EI9. The more I play with this incarnation of IE the more frustrating I find the interface changes. In IE8 there was a neat little drop down menu next to the home button, which when clicked presented the user with quick access to any of your home pages (tabs), and the ability to add, delete or modify your home pages easily. This is now gone. I really thought new versions were supposed to add MORE functionality not less, or have I missed something here? This function has now been moved to the home button on the Command bar toolbar, which by default is not displayed. The more I delve into this so called upgrade the more it seems like a downgrade to me. What on earth were MS thinking?

I’ve been a long time fan of MS IE browser, although I know many have migrated to Firefox. I guess it’s time to check out the competition.

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