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IE9XIf like me you haven’t taken to Microsoft’s latest incarnation (some may say abomination) of Windows Internet Explorer, the new Version 9 (IE9), then this is how I managed to remove it and restore Version 8 (IE8) to my system. Please bear in mind I’m using s Windows 7 64-bit system and what follows worked for me.

Most software is normally removed via the the Control Panel through Uninstall or Change a Program. However, Microsoft seldom seem to place their own software there now and it is often rather confusing to find out where to remove it. If like me you installed IE9 via a Windows Update then you have to access Windows Update to remove it. This will restore your previous version of IE that it replaced.

  1. Selection the Windows Update icon from your control panel and then click on Installed Updates which will be displayed at the bottom of  left-hand panel under See Also. If you have the category view enabled you’ll have to select System & Security first, then View System Updates under the Windows Update section.
  2. Scroll down the list of Updates until you find the section entitled Microsoft Windows and you should see the Windows Internet Explorer 9 listed. Highlight this item and then click Uninstall in the header bar above the listings. This will initiate the removal procedure and restore your previously installed browser.
  3. You will probably be required to re-boot and then hey presto, your friendly IE8 will be restored.

EI9 Unistall

I’ve checked this a couple of times now and it’s worked OK both times. I hope it helps for you.

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