Lightroom 3 to be released in May 2010?



If you mosey on down to Michael Reichmann’s excellent Luminous Landscape web site you’ll see he has announced a Winter Cheer-up competition. He’s giving away 10 copies of the full version of Lightroom 3 when it is to be released. Actually he’s not giving it away, nor is it much of a competition, you simply have to buy and download one of his video tutorials between now and May 1st to stand a chance of winning.

Michael is an Alpha tester for Lightroom so you can bet your bottom dollar he is one of those “in-the-know” as to when LR3 will be released. If his competition finishes 1st May, my guess that will be the intended release date for LR3 or very soon after.

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  • I have a suggestion, i think the vneigtte should be more circular, now is too square for me, i think a circular vneigtte will be more natural (more like in the app), by the way, you have done a great work! thank you for saving me hours of work investigating how to do this, 5$ totally worth it!

    September 4, 2015

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